eCommerce Rankings | Our 2013 Home/Home Office entrants make an ecommerce splash that upsets all the rankings

Usability reviews focus on the site’s site-wide calls to action; ecommerce navigation and click stream logic; and how effectively the site defines the purchase process. This case study announces 2013’s leaders, laggers — and fast movers in the eCommerce category.

Channel/Partner Marketing Rankings |’s investment pays off, shares the wealth, and gets the gold

Websites are an excellent platform to engage with channel & alliance partners and resellers. Most channel zones (partner, reseller, alliances) must do triple duty.

Industry Marketing Rankings | slips past — and is hot on their heels

Best-in-class Websites build their industry-specific zones around a common set of content and features that ensure a consistent user experience across zones—and augment these resources with content & features that are unique to the target industry.

Services Marketing Rankings | and make huge plays — and steal first place from

World-class services marketing requires the Website to start the dialog with the customer’s problem or issue and present services as a solution to the problem. Smart organizations extend this marketing architecture by providing a wealth of content that illustrates the organization’s credentials and forward-thinking expertise.

Product Marketing Rankings | has all of the right stuff, makes them usable — but wins it all

Best-in-class product marketing behaviors deftly handle cross-selling and up-selling—and provide clear paths for users to engage with a salesperson or purchase products online.

Corporate Marketing Rankings | gets the checkered flag, while IBM comes in a distant second — and third

A site’s corporate marketing zone is the superstructure that houses a wealth of company information, including the press, analyst, investor relations (and often events and career) sub-zones.

Search Rankings | Cisco has the features — but takes the usability prize

Once upon a time, search was pretty simple. Put out a box, fiddle with some “advanced search” explanations, spend some quality man-months meta-tagging mountains of content—and let the rest take care of itself. Today, however, a new roster of features & capabilities are changing the rules.

Navigation & Architecture Rankings |, & set the bar — and the Networking sites make the grade

Outstanding navigation designs pay particular attention to the needs of repeat visitors and those who want to navigate directly to specific areas of the site. These objectives are achieved through a variety of navigational aids including global and zone-specific navigational designs.