5 lessons from Apple.com’s “now you see it, now you don’t” launch

There’s nothing like a bevy of new products to bring out Apple.com’s glitz and glamour gene — and the recent iPhone and iWatch launches are no exception. Here’s 4 moments of brilliance from Apple.com’s play book.

Website Design: 8 sites that get it — and 6 sites that don’t

I’ve been watching the whole grid/adaptive design and short-form content revolution roll out in slow motion over the past couple of years. So how’s the revolution going? To see, I spent some quality time on 17 major sites on our eBusiness Index. Turns out it’s playing out in four ways.

eCommerce Rankings | Our 2013 Home/Home Office entrants make an ecommerce splash that upsets all the rankings

Usability reviews focus on the site’s site-wide calls to action; ecommerce navigation and click stream logic; and how effectively the site defines the purchase process. This case study announces 2013’s leaders, laggers — and fast movers in the eCommerce category.

Channel/Partner Marketing Rankings | Oracle.com’s investment pays off, IBM.com shares the wealth, and CA.com gets the gold

Websites are an excellent platform to engage with channel & alliance partners and resellers. Most channel zones (partner, reseller, alliances) must do triple duty.