Best Practice | How IBM and Adobe make Hamburger Menus work for Enterprise

Using hamburger menus on desktop designs is one of the most hotly contested UX issues these days. But there are enterprise-class sites using hamburger menus with success -- including two of the biggest names in IT.

Moment of Brilliance: When is a store not a store? When it’s on

EMC’s “Store” is one of those wonderful moments on the Web when a team throws conventional wisdom to the winds and re-purposes an old ecommerce shoe in a brand new way.

Game Changers: What the new can teach you about creating role-based content

We covered the launch — and the five reasons this is a horse of a different color — in a recent blog post. This time around we’ll deconstruct this new zone — explore what makes it tick — and show you the four ways this team is creating content that works.

Website Design: 8 sites that get it — and 6 sites that don’t

I’ve been watching the whole grid/adaptive design and short-form content revolution roll out in slow motion over the past couple of years. So how’s the revolution going? To see, I spent some quality time on 17 major sites on our eBusiness Index. Turns out it’s playing out in four ways.

eCommerce Rankings | Our 2013 Home/Home Office entrants make an ecommerce splash that upsets all the rankings

Usability reviews focus on the site’s site-wide calls to action; ecommerce navigation and click stream logic; and how effectively the site defines the purchase process. This case study announces 2013’s leaders, laggers — and fast movers in the eCommerce category.

Channel/Partner Marketing Rankings |’s investment pays off, shares the wealth, and gets the gold

Websites are an excellent platform to engage with channel & alliance partners and resellers. Most channel zones (partner, reseller, alliances) must do triple duty.