Kenna Dian, President

Before co-founding siteIQ, Kenna managed data analysis for studies into Fortune 500 buying strategies at Alliance Development. She left to design Websites, specializing in B2B tech companies, including Silicon Graphics, Pivotpoint, and CVSI.

Kenna merged her past experience in industrial design, Website development, and data analysis to create the siteIQ Best Practice Benchmarks used today for siteIQ’s evaluation services and Usability Index studies.

Since then, she has consulted with the dotcom Website teams of Fortune 500 IT companies, including IBM, Cisco, SAP, Dell, CA, HP, Adobe, Salesforce, and Samsung. Also, she has performed in-depth studies of developer, channel, and purchasing portals, such as IBM Developerworks, Intel Developer, HP Partner, Oracle Partner, IBM PartnerWorld, and Dell Premier.

For several years she has been a judge in the Web Marketing Association’s WebAwards Competition, which gives her the opportunity to see best practices in action outside the IT industry.

When Kenna’s not scouting for Website best practices, she’s busy applying them to siteIQ’s Websites and developing sites for small enterprises outside of the IT industry.

linkedin:   Kenna Dian
twitter:      @siteIQKenna

Nicole Wallens, Director, Data and Analytics

Before becoming one of the principal members of siteIQ, Nicole managed market research at Alliance Development, a firm specializing in Fortune 500 buying strategies. Later, Nicole shifted her focus to IT when she did a turn as a Junior Analyst at Summit Strategies, a leading provider of research about emerging markets, technologies, and strategies in the IT industry.

Nicole used her combined knowledge of B2B buying, online selling strategies, and emerging marketing clickstreams to help build the siteIQ Best Practice Benchmarks that are used today for all siteIQ evaluations.

During her career, Nicole has consulted with the dotcom Website teams of Fortune 500 IT companies including Cisco Systems, EMC, IBM, HP, SAP, Dell, CA, and Oracle. She has also prepared detailed analysis for developer and channel portals such as IBM Developerworks, Intel Developer, HP Partner, Oracle Partner, and IBM PartnerWorld.

Nicole is the proprietor of the siteIQ Usability Index, an ongoing study that audits & evaluates 175 Fortune 500 websites that represent the best-of-the-web. This unique role allows her to focus on website performance and how industry sites compete over time while also providing a holistic view of best practices and leading usability conventions.

When Nicole’s not crunching numbers to determine which websites are industry leaders, she uses her researching background to create infographics about various topics.

linkedin:   Nicole Wallens
twitter:    @siteIQNicole

Jeffrey Gaff, Director, Evaluations and Benchmarking

Before leading the evaluation team at siteIQ, Jeffrey maintained inventory management systems and coordinated logistics for National Automotive Parts Association (NAPA).

For over a decade, Jeffrey has put his skills in inventory management and knowledge of website best practices into evaluating and analyzing over 500 enterprise-class and Fortune 500 web properties, including mobile sites and specialty portals. He is also key contributor in the development and maintenance of siteIQ’s benchmarks.

In addition to client and special project evaluations, Jeffrey and his team review the sites listed on the siteIQ Usability Index annually. This collection of wide-ranging and highly-detailed evaluations give him a holistic view of website usability best practices, content strategies, and emerging trends.

When Jeffrey isn’t putting his keen eye on enterprise websites, he is busy working on his novel.

twitter:     @siteIQJeffrey

Marty Gruhn, Founder

After spending more than 25 years as a highly respected computer industry analyst and advisor to Wall Street firms, Marty brings a distinctive business-centered perspective to creating and managing best- in-class websites that set industry standards and beat the competition.

Since co-founding siteIQ in 1995, she has consulted with every major Website organization in the IT industry, including IBM, HP, Oracle, Cisco, Dell, SAP, EMC, Intel, Adobe, Symantec, CA, Accenture, and Juniper Networks.

Previously, Marty built two premier market research firms that provide global market and Fortune 500 demand data to major computer companies and Wall Street firms. She started her career in computer sales and support.

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