siteIQ Website Benchmarking Evaluations are in-depth assessments of your company’s desktop or mobile websites and selected competitive sites.

Why siteIQ

25 years

helping Fortune 500 website teams build better websites


eBusiness Index evaluations


B2B and B2C website evaluations

Use siteIQ to…

  • Establish a baseline to measure the real impact of your website launches and updates
  • Plan & prioritize your content marketing activities
  • Track your website’s progress against key competitors and changing industry requirements
  • Better understand your usability testing results – and learn how to address visitor’s needs
  • Accurately identify your site’s usability strengths & challenges and how gain insight on ways to fix them
  • Identify how your website compares to target competitive sites and where you can get an advantage
  • Inspire & educate your team members – and gain agreement on current challenges and future objectives

siteIQ & the UX development process

siteIQ supports you and your team in each phase of the UX and content strategy development process. We can give you the data you need from inception to completion.

How it works

You tell us the sites – we crunch the numbers. Our best practice benchmarks are specialized for many industry segments, audience types, and website types.

  • You choose the site areas and competitor’s sites you want evaluated
  • siteIQ evaluates the selected sites using our Website, Industry, or Audience Benchmarks
    • 18 distinct site areas. From search to product marketing to customer support, we have your site covered
    • 1000+ content criteria. We examine every piece of your content then tell you which ones are competitive requirements or important to the buying process
    • 450 usability questions in 16 dimensions. We do a heuristic review of your site to show you its strengths and weaknesses across the board
  • You get the information you need to compare with other internal metrics, create actionable project plans, or share with team members, stakeholders, and executives

Get actionable results

Pinpoint how your site compares to competitors

Establish a performance baseline (industry and competitive)

Accurately pinpoint where your website performs in 18 Website categories and compare it to selected competitive sites.

Identify specific strengths and challenges

Content isn’t useful unless you can find it – understand it – share it – and convert it into sales. Get the facts about where your site hits the good practice mark (and why).

Create actionable content marketing plans

Does your site have all of the content visitors need and expect? Find the holes in your B2B and B2C content – and then focus your teams on creating content that counts

Our Evaluation Services

  • Usability Evaluations
    • Review user journeys
    • Identify usability challenges and problem areas
    • Prioritize project resources
  • Content Evaluations
    • Perfect content strategies
    • Identify holes in content
    • Match competitive content and resource offerings
  • Overall Performance Evaluation (Usability + Content)
    • Identify usability and content challenges
    • Develop action plans
    • Educate stakeholders and executives
    • Set internal and competitive metric baselines

Other siteIQ Services

  • Sessions
    • Best Practices and Trends
    • Wireframe Reviews
  • Subscriptions
    • Best Practices and Trends
    • Index Rankings

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