Website Launch:’s “lean forward” playbook emerges

There’s a battle between curb appeal and conversation gearing up -- and the teams that understand the difference will be the winners over the next two years. Right now, Oracle is in the cat bird seat. Here's why.

Website Launch:’s “lean forward” playbook emerges2016-11-21T18:27:42-07:00

Why’s “Meet the Experts” is a moment of brilliance's new "Meet the Experts" zone is the end game in a new gambit to introduce prospects to HP Services' army of consultants, managers and technical experts. It's a marketing trifecta that shouldn't be missed.

Why’s “Meet the Experts” is a moment of brilliance2016-11-21T18:27:45-07:00

Website Launch: Why’s stealth launch is a B2B game changer

The team started to roll out its new adaptive design strategy with a new Human Capital Management zone that is much more than the sum of its parts. Beyond the obvious visual impact -- here’s five things this new design brings to the B2B party.

Website Launch: Why’s stealth launch is a B2B game changer2018-01-28T18:04:49-07:00

Don’t Miss/Don’t Bother |’s Mega-menu Launch

I have been using’s new mega-menu design for a week now—opening it, closing it, spinning it, reading it. But after poking and prodding it every way possible I am only left with one question: where’s the added value? Think of this as an opportunity for other sites to learn from and do it better.

Don’t Miss/Don’t Bother |’s Mega-menu Launch2017-03-01T11:52:02-07:00