Best Practices in Tech | SAP and Cisco

Every year, siteIQ reviews and ranks the top 25 sites in IT to identify best practice venues and applaud the website teams that create them. But there's more to these winning sites than a pretty design or snappy content. So, what makes the winners win? More important, what can you learn from them?

Best Practices in Tech | SAP and Cisco2020-05-06T13:32:07-07:00

2018 Index | Enterprise Software Breakdown

Enterprise software sites are some of the most innovative on the IT web. They are always figuring out how to combine content and features to bring more value to the party. So, which sites are pushing the envelope the farthest and where are they doing it best?

2018 Index | Enterprise Software Breakdown2020-02-12T15:48:47-07:00

5 lessons from’s “now you see it, now you don’t” launch

There’s nothing like a bevy of new products to bring out’s glitz and glamour gene — and the recent iPhone and iWatch launches are no exception. Here’s 4 moments of brilliance from’s play book.

5 lessons from’s “now you see it, now you don’t” launch2016-11-21T18:27:42-07:00

Website Launch:’s “lean forward” playbook emerges

There’s a battle between curb appeal and conversation gearing up -- and the teams that understand the difference will be the winners over the next two years. Right now, Oracle is in the cat bird seat. Here's why.

Website Launch:’s “lean forward” playbook emerges2016-11-21T18:27:42-07:00