Lead Generation | How Apple.com’s buyer communities turn classic call to action on its ear

One of the things I like most about Apple.com is its subtlety. The times when you are out there minding your own business and end up stumbling across something that’s more than the sum of its parts. Apple.com’s buyer communities are a great example.

Design & Navigation | Apple.com’s product support pages make finding information as easy as 1-2-3

Apple.com is the master of the details that other sites either miss or deliberately ignore. Here’s four important details that should be on every support team’s design list.

Current Conventions | Norton.com and CA.com show how current support design conventions work – and don’t work.

Getting support users to the resources they want is always a challenge. Some sites try to solve it with a blizzard of links. Others — like CA.com and Norton.com — use the KISS principle. Turns out both of them have some important things to learn.

Support forums | Why silence speaks louder than words

It is best to have public support forums that are positioned as a way for customers to help the company build better products — and encourage communities — than to create a deafening silence that allows prospects to fill in the wrong blanks. This, of course, leads one (or at least me) to ponder why a company would hide its forums behind the proverbial firewall when the industry convention is to allow visitors to freely peruse support forum entries.