About Kenna Dian

President of siteIQ :: I focus on best practices – and share with our clients and Library members how leading Web teams deliver world-class user experiences. My job is to find best practices and illustrate why they work. How the smartest Web teams innovate – and solve common problems. How leaders put the right pieces together to perfect effect.

2018 Index | Enterprise Software Breakdown

Enterprise software sites are some of the most innovative on the IT web. They are always figuring out how to combine content and features to bring more value to the party. So, which sites are pushing the envelope the farthest and where are they doing it best?

2018 Index | Enterprise Software Breakdown2019-07-29T13:35:34-07:00

2018 Index | Business Software Breakdown

Business software sites have a tough row to hoe. They must appeal to a variety of audiences that have vastly different needs. So, which business software sites do the best job in marketing and supporting their customers and where is each site's sweet spot?

2018 Index | Business Software Breakdown2019-07-29T13:36:02-07:00

2017 Website Launch | Looking for a job? IBM’s Watson has one for you.

Applying for a job online is a chore. Searches that bring up useless results. Long registration forms. Antiquated systems. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if careers sites looked for a job for you instead? IBM thought so — then they did something about it.

2017 Website Launch | Looking for a job? IBM’s Watson has one for you.2019-07-29T13:38:28-07:00