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President of siteIQ :: I focus on best practices – and share with our clients and Library members how leading Web teams deliver world-class user experiences. My job is to find best practices and illustrate why they work. How the smartest Web teams innovate – and solve common problems. How leaders put the right pieces together to perfect effect.

Best Practices in Retail | Merchandisers versus Consumer IT

Now that we have completed evaluating 35 Merchandiser and 6 Consumer IT websites, we wondered, which site is the true e-retailing leader? Would an IT site beat out the merchandiser group, or do the merchandisers know something the IT set doesn’t?

Best Practices in Retail | Merchandisers versus Consumer IT2020-09-22T14:41:50-07:00

Best Practices in Retail | Home Depot and Best Buy

HomeDepot.com and BestBuy.com share the podium this year as the most usable retail websites. But competition in this segment is fierce and there are more sites vying for the top spot. What best practices do HomeDepot.com and BestBuy.com display that keep them in the lead?

Best Practices in Retail | Home Depot and Best Buy2020-09-03T12:54:33-07:00

Best Practices in Finance | Ally

This year, Ally.com goes up against some heavy hitters and wins the award for the most usable site in the financial sector. Surprised? So are we. What does Ally.com do that bigger financial institutions are missing? More important, what best practices can it share?

Best Practices in Finance | Ally2020-07-07T12:49:58-07:00

Best Practices in Tech | Dell eCommerce

In 2020, Dell.com steals the top spot in the eCommerce segment from a slate of very worthy and sophisticated competitors. So, what best practices does Dell.com have that makes it a leader in this all-important category?

Best Practices in Tech | Dell eCommerce2020-05-12T13:02:15-07:00

Best Practices in Tech | SAP and Cisco

Every year, siteIQ reviews and ranks the top 25 sites in IT to identify best practice venues and applaud the website teams that create them. But there's more to these winning sites than a pretty design or snappy content. So, what makes the winners win? More important, what can you learn from them?

Best Practices in Tech | SAP and Cisco2020-05-06T13:32:07-07:00

2018 siteIQ eBusiness Index | Movers & Shakers

What were the driving factors that launched some sites up the Index and made others sink like a stone? What’s happening behind the scenes may surprise you.

2018 siteIQ eBusiness Index | Movers & Shakers2020-02-12T15:46:33-07:00

2018 Index | Consumer Systems Breakdown

Consumer Systems sites are the race cars of the systems set. They're loud, flashy, and speed visitors to the checkout line. So which Consumer Systems site markets its wares to visitors the best - the design darling, Apple.com, or IT legend, HP.com?

2018 Index | Consumer Systems Breakdown2020-02-12T15:47:06-07:00