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President of siteIQ :: I focus on best practices – and share with our clients and Library members how leading Web teams deliver world-class user experiences. My job is to find best practices and illustrate why they work. How the smartest Web teams innovate – and solve common problems. How leaders put the right pieces together to perfect effect.

2018 siteIQ eBusiness Index | Movers & Shakers

What were the driving factors that launched some sites up the Index and made others sink like a stone? What’s happening behind the scenes may surprise you.

2018 siteIQ eBusiness Index | Movers & Shakers2020-02-12T15:46:33-07:00

2018 Index | Consumer Systems Breakdown

Consumer Systems sites are the race cars of the systems set. They're loud, flashy, and speed visitors to the checkout line. So which Consumer Systems site markets its wares to visitors the best - the design darling, Apple.com, or IT legend, HP.com?

2018 Index | Consumer Systems Breakdown2020-02-12T15:47:06-07:00

2018 Index | Business & Technology Services Breakdown

Business & Technology Services sites are the one-trick-ponies of the Index set. While the other sites juggle massive product portfolios and sprawling communities, services sites have one job -- market services. So which site is the marketing maven of the bunch and who gets visitors to the Contact Us button the quickest?

2018 Index | Business & Technology Services Breakdown2019-07-29T13:32:02-07:00

2018 Index | Software as Services/Cloud Breakdown

Cloud sites may sell enterprise software-class services, but these two industry segments couldn't be more different. The same could be said for our Cloud contenders, Salesforce.com and Netsuite.com. Can Netsuite.com's buttoned-up approach best Salesforce.com's whimsical style?

2018 Index | Software as Services/Cloud Breakdown2020-02-12T15:47:35-07:00

2018 Index | Networking Systems Breakdown

Networking system sites are a horse of a different color. They have the same challenges as their enterprise systems brethren with more complex purchasing processes and training requirements. So which site is the leader and what are the secrets to its success?

2018 Index | Networking Systems Breakdown2020-02-12T15:47:58-07:00

2018 Index | Enterprise Systems Breakdown

Enterprise system sites have the tough job of hitting the right note every time -- despite covering the widest variety of products to the most demanding audiences. This begs the question which sites are pitch perfect and where do they perform the best?

2018 Index | Enterprise Systems Breakdown2020-02-12T15:48:17-07:00

Best Practice | 5 mega menu styles and 12 excellent examples

On their face, all mega menus seem alike - a big panel of links that take you where you want to go. But there is more to mega menus than meets the eye. Today mega menus are also about marketing and no one does it better than these 12 sites.

Best Practice | 5 mega menu styles and 12 excellent examples2019-01-25T15:23:10-07:00