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Once upon a time, we were website designers burning the midnight oil to create Websites for our technology clients.

One day, a very smart client asked 3 “million-dollar” questions.


How does my website stack up against competitive sites and current industry requirements?


What do we need to fix on our site – why – and which sites do it best?


Which Websites should we watch – and what should we plan for next year?

We thought these questions were so important that we did four things . . .


Designed a Website best practices benchmark (1997)

Identifies and measures competitive & industry requirements.

Over 1,500 types of B2B content, features & capabilities in 18 Website categories

Plus 142 usability factors that determine how effectively a Website achieves B2B visitor and business objectives.


Launched the SiteIQ Website Evaluation Services (2002)

Delivers in-depth Website evaluations and detailed, actionable recommendations.


Launched the SiteIQ eBusiness Index (2000)

To track, rank, and rate the B2B Websites operated by the smartest and best-funded teams on the IT Web. Find out who’s on the docket for this year.


Built the Best Practice Case Studies Library (2012)

Showcases the industry’s best B2B Website designs, innovations & strategies- plus solutions to challenges every Web team faces. Get a guest membership! (it’s free).

So what can you do with siteIQ?

How do your customers see your Website?

Contact us today to learn about starting a custom evaluation for your Website.