Some companies evaluate cars and toasters. We evaluate Websites.

For over 10 years, siteIQ has performed over 500 Index evaluations of the biggest and the best websites in IT. In 2020, we are expanding our view outside of the tech industry to find out which sites are the best on the Web.

siteIQ Usability Index

Starting in 2020, the siteIQ team is reviewing over 175 of the Fortune 500 websites across 7 major industries, including Finance & Banking, Food & Beverage, Tech, Merchandising, and Transportation. (By popular demand, we are adding reviews of Travel and Higher Education websites! To see when the results will be available, check out the publishing calendar below)

We run them through up to 450 industry-specific Usability metrics across up to eighteen website zones. Then we pit them against each other to see which sites are the best of breed in their industry and across the Web.

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siteIQ eBusiness Index

For more than 10 years, we audited and evaluated the 25 Websites that represent the best-of-the-best on the IT Web.

We put them through their usability paces. We score them based on over 1000 types of content, features, and capabilities for eighteen Website zones and cross-site utilities. Then we rank and rate them based on the results.

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Leading Web teams use the siteIQ eBusiness Index rankings to:

  • Accurately identify how their Websites compete on the Web.
  • Check if their sites are gaining or losing ground to competitors and industry requirements.
  • See where time and treasure are paying off.
  • Watch the sites that are changing user expectations and behaviors – and are setting new standards on the Web.

If want a clear view of your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, what matters and why, the siteIQ Index is a great place to start.

Here’s who will benefit most from these results:

  • Teams that build, compete with (or want to get the real scoop on) the 122 sites we evaluated in this study.
  • Digital & Web strategy directors and managers who are responsible for your company’s online strategy.
  • User experience (UX) professionals who are burning the midnight oil to make your Website sticky – and a place your visitors love to love.
  • Digital & Web marketing managers who want to create demand –  harvest prospects – and laser focus your site on the buying process.
  • Competitive, usability, & visitor satisfaction analytics managers who need metrics to compare your site to competitors and report on its progress and challenges.

Mark the Date

Anxious to discover where your site stands in the Index rankings? Curious about which site tops the roster in your industry segment? Check out the 2020 Usability Index publishing calendar to determine when you can expect the find the results you’re after!

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