FieldNote: If the “Voice of the Customer” is on your dance card this year . . .

I recently stumbled across a blog describing data from the Usabilla service that gathers real time feedback from site visitors (OK, it launched in Feb 2014, so I’m a little behind the curve here).

The kinds of insights you can glean from the data it provides looks to be pretty impressive. It could be used as a great real time barometer to track pre- and post-launch impacts. A way to mark why visitors are on the site — perfect for the development of roles and personas. To measure your visitors’ “emotional” states — like how cranky they are after they use your support site (Kevlar body suit is optional).

All in all, an interesting service that could be used as a hit and run measurement to accurately track ROI. To see who is really looking at those new microsites. Whether that new services zone is a boon or a bust. How truly broken your support and training zones are and why you need to fix them.

Of course the real issue is the cost and flexibility. As a monthly service with no contracts and a 14 day trial, it looks like something that can be used when it makes business sense. It also gets plenty of 4 plus star ratings from rating gurus like About Analytics.

And at $49 to $200 bucks a month — it’s certainly worth a second look.


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