Up until recently, Juniper.net held one of our rare Rip Van Winkle Awards. After a successful Website redesign in 2010 this site slowly slipped into maintenance mode. The Juniper.net team kept the information fresh, and even produced the odd micro site here and there, but every promising sign of a wholesale redesign went nowhere.

As Juniper.net snoozed, competitive teams burned the midnight oil developing revolutionary Website designs and strategies that were changing the face of B2B Websites. Site architectures morphed from rigid, Germanic structures to organic, winding click streams. Content shrunk from long-winded pages to bite sized paragraphs. Imagery transformed from being part of the landscape to part of the story.

Then, out of nowhere, Juniper.net awoke from its slumber to present a shiny new Website.

Which brings me to the question of the day: After spending almost a quarter of the Internet’s lifetime off the grid, is Juniper.net’s latest effort cool enough to hang with competitors’ innovative creations, or does it amount to nothing more than a fresh coat of paint on an old Website design?

One look at its before & after usability scores tells you that Juniper.net is certainly on the right track. Here’s why.

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Category: Case Study

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Websites Profiled: Juniper.net

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