Face it, most solution (or ISV) partner programs are the red headed stepchildren in the partner program universe. Sure, some teams will argue that ISVs are an important part of their partner portfolio – and then allow them to fade into the shadows behind the superstar channel programs they like best.

This sad state of affairs is evident on every IT solution partner program site we review. Single sentence summaries followed by lifeless bullet points. Mis-aligned pages and dead links. The vanishing “Register Now” button that makes it impossible for partners to take the next step.

And then we have Cisco’s Solution Partner Program team who has finally broken this dysfunctional formula with a much more balanced approach. One that describes Cisco’s programs using full-fledged prose accompanied by bulleted benefit statements that provide real value. And one that simplifies the membership selection and registration process so that joining the club is a snap.

That’s not to say, of course, that this site is perfect. It certainly has its fair share of rookie mistakes. But its program marketing and registration click stream is well worth studying.

Here are 5 major ways the Cisco’s Solution Partner Program site breaks the mold.

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