5 lessons from Apple.com’s “now you see it, now you don’t” launch

There’s nothing like a bevy of new products to bring out Apple.com’s glitz and glamour gene — and the recent iPhone and Watch launches are no exception.

Here’s 4 moments of brilliance from Apple.com’s product launch play book. Since some have already come and gone, we’ve uploaded a nifty video that captures every moment.

1. The super slider home page. Six new full page sliders introduce Apple’s new watch, iPhone 6, iPad 2 and iMac, plus its latest conference, using Apple.com’s legendary crisp and clean behaviors.


Unfortunately, in yet another example of Apple.com’s habit of cutting off its nose to spite its face, videos only run if you are using an Apple product or have QuickTime installed. (Honestly, I get the whole “make the tribe feel special” thing, but this is ridiculous.)

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