Let’s face it. Everybody loves Apple.com but no other tech company has been able to pull off the same thing with equal panache.

The question is, of course, why?


Seth Godin nails it on the head in his new blog. While most tech firms are “tools” companies, Apple is one of few “luxury” tools providers. Like Hermes, Maserati, and Sub Zero, Apple products are as much about kumbaya and cachet as boring speeds, feeds, and functionality.

And that, as it turns out, is why Apple.com gets to be a horse of a different color (and you don’t).

Forget facts. Apple.com’s role is to

Define cool.

Dazzle the senses.

Dole out tech tidbits.

And accelerate the impulse to buy.

Meanwhile, your B2B website has to play by a totally different set of rules.

Instead of tap dancing the customer to the checkout counter, your site’s job is to help visitors Discover the right product. Research options. Engage with your sales force — and Buy your products and services through a complex maze of channels. Then it has to deliver complex post-purchase support and training information.

In other words, all of that boring stuff that Apple.com doesn’t have to do.

Which brings me to the point. Apple’s unique role in the IT universe is the perfect answer for that executive who keeps strolling by the water cooler asking why your site can’t be “just like Apple.com.”

Simply put: different tribes and different values always make for a totally different dotcom.

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