We’ve written a lot lately about sites that are connecting with customers on an emotional level – and how they are using Cecil B. DeMille-class productions to achieve their objectives.

This week, we spied two examples of this new genre that have some things to teach the rest of us: IBM’s Watson launch and SAP.com’s new Analytics landing page.

Both look similar, deliver lots of impact – and are striving to do the same thing.

But one of them does it much better.

The “one” would be IBM.com who uses the same real estate to tell a much more compelling story. Here’s how.

Ruthless focus

IBM.com is using a riff on a classic formula – the 5 W’s – to engage and educate visitors:

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Category: Case Study and Video Reviews

Class: Best Practices, Traps and Mistakes

Websites Profiled: IBM, SAP (with a hand off to the new Oracle.com)

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