Add it all up and the whole experience has the elegance of a beautifully balanced ecommerce click stream that is really a product marketing tour de force. and top the 2014 ecommerce usability hit parade -- with bringing in the 3rd good practice ranking. It's declining averages for everyone else. Thus far, is winning the ecommerce race this year with a 78 point average usability score (80 points is a Best Practice) and a whopping 90.4% of target features, capabilities and doodads.

With 74.5 points,’s usability is nearly as slick, leaving as the only other site on the Index that hits the good practice ecommerce mark.

That was why we spied’s “Store” link with some delight. We figured there might be a new ecommerce contender in town.

And then we realized’s “Store” isn’t an ecommerce play at all.

Instead, it’s an “ecommerce” horse of a totally different color. Rather that present products to be plopped into a shopping cart and purchased online, the Store serves as a muse for visitors to explore products, compare them, configure and select options (as you would if buying), and then submit a form and receive a quote from an EMC salesperson or a reseller.

In other words, it’s an online catalog that behaves much like a classic

[ecommerce] store.

And that, as it turns out, is a bit of product marketing sleight of hand that shouldn’t be missed. Here’s why.

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