’s usability score slips and misses, but delivers a valuable lesson

So it looks like I’m going to have to fall on my sword. You know, the sword I was holding when I predicted that’s new “hip and ‘happenin” design would vault it up the usability rankings this year.

While the entire 2014 Index results are still cooking, the business software roster’s scores (Adobe, Symantec, Microsoft, and Citrix) are hot off the press.

And ranks last among its peers.

Here’s why.

Beauty aside, is a three trick pony

Despite its stunning visual impact and brilliant marketing voice, is only a three trick ponySpend some quality time on and you are likely to come to an interesting conclusion. Despite its stunning visual impact and brilliant marketing voice, is actually a good practice performer in only three (albeit critical) areas: product marketing, call to action, and ecommerce. (Important tidbit:’s ecommerce usability is second only to – 74.5 points vs.’s 78.2 point score.)

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