This year, we decided to shake up the Index by moving into a new Enterprise Storage category and then added for good measure.

These sites couldn’t be more different. is at the forefront of the new design revolution. is at least two (maybe three) generations old.

Which begs two questions. Will’s new design launch it into the top ten this year? How close will come to EMC’s finish? Here’s what we’re thinking.

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Next Time

This year we added a new category to the Index for Websites that sell software as services (a.k.a. SaaS or cloud). Once limited to a lonely landing page with a free sign up offer, these sites have finally matured into full-fledged sites worthy of competing with their traditional software brethren.

Next time we’ll introduce our selected sites, and, and tell you who we are placing our bets on to be the first SaaS Index winner.


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