In a world of innovative new designs and behaviors, re-upholstering a few pieces of furniture isn’t enough (for HP) to make the cut.

Once upon a time, network systems Websites were the darling of the innovation set, with and leading the parade.

Today? Not so much. In fact, all of our network systems finalists spent most of 2013 year either fiddling around the edges or standing pat.

As a group, networking sites are notable for not jumping on the new short-form content, adaptive design bandwagon so in vogue these days – which either makes them outliers or laggers, depending on how you want to look at it. 

Which brings us to this year’s burning questions. Can’s business as usual behaviors deliver it another year at the top of the rankings? Has’s once forward design finally pooped out?

Here’s our bets.

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Next Time

In past years, was the innovator to beat in the Professional Services segment – and the IBM Global Services site set new standards for an engaging voice and tribe-centric social media behaviors second to none. Fade out two years and those days have come and gone.

Next time we’ll check out the two new Professional Services sites that are about to give Accenture and IBM a whack in the head.


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