And what does SAP prove when its usability & content scores are combined? That good behaviors will trump a little more content every time. spent the past two years rolling out a massive new Website – and last year’s eBusiness Index rankings told quite a tale.

Usability skyrocketed from 17th to 12th place – overall performance jumped from 14th to 9th – and ended up with a coveted “Top Ten” ranking for the first time in its history.

Quite a tale indeed.

Fade out 12 months later and the team has had even more time to put finishing touches in place. Will all of this burnishing and polishing deliver additional gains against sites such as, and the IBM Software website?

Based on our new eBusiness Index evaluations, the team has plenty to crow about.'s usability ranking bounced from last place to #1 this year. Content & features dropped to 4th -- but they all added up to a nice second place finish.

Usability | goes to the head of the class

2014 turns out to be the year when achieved the once unthinkable: a number one usability ranking – plus 11 good practices for good measure (check out the details in the graphs below).

Contrast this to its field of competitors, where (#2) delivered 7 good practices, IBM Software Group came in with four – and didn’t produce a single good practice rating.

Of course, it’s not all hearts and flowers on the usability front – and some of’s challenges are real whoppers.

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