If you are looking to see a product marketing content master at work, you can’t do much better than Oracle.com.

If you’ve spent much time with us lately, you know that the Oracle.com team has been doing some pretty interesting things over the past six months – and little birdies tell us there’s a lot more to come as the year rolls out.

While we’re waiting for more shoes to drop, there’s no better time to see exactly where Oracle.com fits in the current competitive universe. More specifically, how it fares when directly compared to CA.com, SAP.com, and the IBM Software website.

As it turns out, Oracle.com is now first among peers — although there’s no doubt that SAP.com’s superior usability scores derailed Oracle.com’s chance at a first place clean sweep.

While we watch the Oracle.com team take a victory lap, let’s look at how the latest evaluation results played out.

Oracle.com is now first among peers -- but SAP.com's superior usability derailed Oracle.com's dreams of a clean sweep


Usability | Why 7 good practices aren’t nearly good enough

Usability is the only place where Oracle.com didn’t achieve a #1 ranking — and the reason is simple. SAP.com produced 11 good practices while Oracle.com delivered 7. (You can check out all of SAP.com’s scores here and compare them to Oracle.com’s usability scores by category below).

That’s not to say that Oracle.com doesn’t hit the usability mark in some important areas that count. Take ecommerce, for example . . .

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