One reason for's stumble lies in the fact that, after years of standing pat, competitive sites such as Oracle and SAP spent much of 2013 upping their game.

The story for last year was all about its October 2013 launch that focused on cleaning up some sins of the past – and moving it into closer parity with competitive sites (IBM, Oracle, and SAP). We covered the launch in October and were, quite frankly, underwhelmed.

Fade out to January 2014, and we have’s eBusiness Index evaluation results hot off the press. Did achieve its goal to improve its 2013 scores and move ahead of competitors?

That would be a yes – and a no. Here’s what happened and why.'s attention to content delivered a joint #1 ranking with -- but usability dropped to last place.

Usability | slid from #1 in 2013 to 4th place (dead last) this year.

On the plus side, several parts of the site came oh-so-close to a good practice rating. If you feel like surfing, corporate marketing, the press/news zone, site navigation & social media, product marketing, and recruiting are all worth a quick competitive look.

But sites are always the sum of their parts and’s “other” parts swamped its few good performers.

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