Our roster of eBusiness Index Websites have their work cut out for them in 2010. Most have aced the basic design, call to action, and investor relations tests, but are whiffing on the all important communities and social media fronts. Search is a huge challenge — and industry marketing behaviors are downright embarrassing.

Meanwhile, IBM.com and Cisco.com are gliding like swans amidst the carnage. IBM.com is bigger, but Cisco.com matches it on the usability front.


  • IBM.com ranks first and garners a three star rating (above average) — but Cisco.com is hot on its heels. HP.com and IBM.com provide the most content & features, but Cisco.com matches IBM.com’s usability & effectiveness.
  • Cisco.com ranks second and also garners a three star rating. Cisco.com’s claim to fame lies in its search, channel/partnership marketing, and call to action capabilities.
  • HP.com ranks third, but only achieves a two star rating (average). HP.com aces all comers in the corporate marketing, industry marketing and investor relations categories.
  • Dell.com brings up the fourth place position, and also achieves a two star rating. Dell.com’s most significant strength is (you guessed it) e-commerce and purchasing processes.
  • CA.com completes the top five, with a two star rating and solid performance in the corporate events category.

But enough from us, we’ll let the number’s do the talking. Just download the report below (Library Subscription Required)

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