In case you missed it, is rolling out a new design that has “game changer” written all over it.

We covered the launch — and the five reasons this is a horse of a different color — in a recent blog post.

This time around we’ll deconstruct this new zone — explore what makes it tick — and show you the four ways this team is creating content that works.

To start, let’s revisit the five things this site brings to the party — and then explore how’s new formula works.

  1. Perfect pitch. This zone’s content laser focuses on business issues and knows how to make the buyer a hero. Content is short, on point — and chest beating and tech speak are blissfully absent. Score: A+
  2. Easy to digest. From the Overview page to the Products listing, this zone delivers a visual tour de force that makes its messages and content highly scannable and very easy to digest. Score: A
  3. Role based content. Web teams have been trying to organize sites by role for over a decade and no one has been successful. proves it can be done. Score: A+
  4. Constant context. White papers and other take-away content (a must for B2B buyers) are always presented in context to the business issue. Meanwhile, the Products tab organizes Oracle’s myriad of products to perfect effect. Unfortunately, entitled content isn’t always marked and the zone pops more windows than a hurricane. Score: B+
  5. Persistent calls to action. A floating call to action module follows the visitor up and down the page. Each option (Call, Chat, Try It) delivers a tiny mega-menu that allows visitors to quickly identify next steps. A clear best practice. Score: A+

So how does it do it?

If you spend some quality time on this zone, you’ll see that it achieves its objectives using four interesting techniques.

1. It asks them to think 

The zone poses questions that ask buyers to think about the strategic business objectives they are trying to accomplish. This is a bit of sleight of hand compared to the classic “benefits” statements we see all over the IT Web these days.

To see the difference in action, check out the screen shots below that highlight’s approach and juxtaposes it to how,, and use classic benefits statements.

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