If you are on the team that manages partner relationships, you know they are a tough crowd to please. That goes double when your partner portal is the issue.

For most partner portal teams, living through the annual partner satisfaction survey is a crucible. You always hear the same things. The partners can’t find the information they are seeking. The tools are unintelligible. The other guy’s portal is always better than yours.

But here’s the good news. Odds are your partners are telling your competitors the same thing. In fact, virtually every partner sat survey we review tells an identical story – and has for the past ten years.

The question is, then, how can you solve the biggest problems that seem to plague every partner site?

Here’s a couple of tactics to consider.

Give up and go to plan B

The reason most partner portals fail the test is because these sites live in a federated world where large portions of the portal are owned and operated by a bevy of independent stakeholders. Their view of the world is centered on what they can and want to deliver — and they don’t really give a fig for what the other guys do.

The net result is always the same. A world where irritated partners are left to wander through disconnected silos filled with resources that are sometimes not available — and usually impossible to find.

To solve this problem, you have two options (besides throwing in the towel).

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Websites Profiled: Oracle Partner Network, IBM PartnerWorld, Cisco Partner Central, EMC.com

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