There’s nothing worse than having a study tell you that your B2B buyers need to make an emotional connection with your company and products – and not having a clue about how to craft content that hits the mark.

Turns out that Dan and Chip Heath’s “Made to Stick” SUCCESs model offers a very interesting way to get your content authors on the same page – provides a nifty checklist to vet new content – and can be a great way to map the classes of content you provide on marketing pages. Here’s the basic formula.

  • Simple – your core message is clear.
  • Unexpected – surprise your audience.
  • Concrete – be clear.
  • Credible – sources and social proof support your statements.
  • Emotional – even B2B buyers should be moved emotionally.
  • Stories – convey your bright idea through a brand story.

This, of course, begs the question. Where can you see all or most of these practices at work?

To find out, I took a tour across the sites we track on the eBusiness Index. Turns out that IBM’s Smarter Planet Social Business zone is a good place to see most of this formula in action. As you view the short video below, consider the 6 ways this zone hits the SUCCESs mark.

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