Lessons Learned:

  • Emotion plays a bigger role in B2B purchases than those of B2C buyers. Risk and reputation are the primary drivers.
  • New short-form content is the new Holy Grail, but most B2B Web teams are struggling with exactly how to execute on the vision.
  • Adobe.com and parts of IBM.com have mastered a new B2B voice: making the emotional connections that turn potential buyers into heroes.

Most of the teams we work with market and sell to B2B buyers. You know — those task forces and committees that spend forever making the mega buying decisions your executives love to love.

For most of us the prevailing wisdom has always been that B2B buyers make decisions largely based on the facts – speeds, feeds, capabilities, and vendor reputation – and emotional connections with the company or its products don’t factor much into the equation. Not surprisingly, that’s how most sites have been built. Perfectly serviceable, to be sure – but largely all about handing out the facts.

But what if emotion plays a larger role in B2B buying decisions than we thought?  Turns out, that might just be the case.

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Category: Case Study

Class: Best Practices

Websites Profiled: Motorola Solutions, Apple, Adobe, IBM

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