Industry marketing zones allow companies to market and sell products and services to visitors that are customized to their unique business needs and requirements. Best-in-class Websites build their industry-specific zones around a common set of content and features that ensure a consistent user experience across zones—and augment these resources with content & features that are unique to the target industry.

To assess how effectively a Website addresses the needs of visitors in different industries, the siteIQ evaluation team identifies and measures 205 types of content, features and capabilities in nine industry categories.

Usability reviews focus on how easy it is to find and navigate through industry marketing content; content quality and clarity; and how effectively the zones encourage prospects to engage with the company’s salespeople and/or find a reseller or partner.

This case study announces 2013’s leaders, laggers — and fast movers in the Industry Marketing category.

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Industry Marketing | Drum Roll Please!

This year the Overall Industry Marketing rankings told a tale about the importance of compound interest. Although most of the scoring in the Usability and Content, Features & Capabilities categories were lackluster, even the smallest increases or decreases in score added up to noticeable ranking shifts in Overall performance.

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