A best-in-class Website allows users to move through the site easily and find desired information quickly. Outstanding navigation designs pay particular attention to the needs of repeat visitors and those who want to navigate directly to specific areas of the site. These objectives are achieved through a variety of navigational aids including global and zone-specific navigational designs.

The siteIQ evaluation team identifies and measures 125 navigational features & capabilities in five categories. (Note: Professional services Websites are measured against 61 features & capabilities that represent service-related navigation requirements.)

The usability reviews include a core focus on whole site and cross-zone logic, consistent navigational conventions, and the use of commonly understood nomenclatures.

Typical navigational schemas reviewed include global navigation panels and various browse-by capabilities. Please note: site search is scored in a separate category.

This case study announces 2013’s leaders, laggers — and fast movers in the Navigation & Architecture category.

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Navigation & Architecture | Drum Roll Please!

Despite some eventful shake-ups in the Usability category, the Navigation rankings largely held steady from last year. IBM.com, Cisco.com, Oracle.com, and Brocade.com warmed the top 4 seats, while Juniper.net jumped up 3 spots to sit at 5th place.

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