A company’s Website should support a variety of objectives. It should:

— Establish a high-quality corporate image that promotes the company as a provider of high-quality products and services;

— Provide clear visual references for visitors to identify needs and take paths into the site to receive desired information;

— Highlight new or unique promotions to engage the visitor;

— Persistently provide contact information so visitors can interact easily with the company; and

— Provide appropriate copyright, privacy, and legal information that clearly states the terms of access; the appropriate use of resources at the site; and how user-provided information will be utilized by the company.

Although visual designs may differ, best-in-class Websites are built around a basic set of amenities and capabilities.

The siteIQ evaluation team reviews each Website for 26 basic design elements that contribute to a high-quality online presence.

Usability issues evaluated range from the site’s perceived innovation levels (based on leadership conventions), overall consistency, interactivity, nomenclature, responsiveness, and behaviors related to the site’s legal, privacy, and terms of use information.

This case study announces 2013”s leaders, laggers — and fast movers in the Website Basics category.

Want it to go? Download the report at the bottom of this post.

Website Basics | Drum Roll Please!

It’s should come as no surprise that sites with decent social media features landed the top spots in the rankings. In fact, the social media criteria additions buoyed almost all site scores—but ultimately made barely a ripple in the year-to-year rankings.

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