The social media worm has turned. It used to be that just saying “We’re on Twitter!” was enough to make your company a social media maven. And adding a Facebook feed elevated your site to god-like status.

But those days are over.

Today it’s not enough to be social. Now your presence needs to be usable.

Marty’s recent blog about the Social Media Top 10 | Not your usual suspects highlighted results from our latest evaluation results – which proves that, when it comes to social media, the big guys aren’t the king of the hill. It’s the medium- to small-stance sites who really know how to package their social media presence.

This led us to ask: what are these Good Practice performers doing that is leaving a lot of tried and true leaders in the dust? And if we were to distill their best practices into a single elixir, what would this social cocktail look like?

In this case study we examine the best practices that five social media leaders bring to the table. Then we share the 8 elements and behaviors that go into creating the Holy Grail—a Best Practice-class social media presence.

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