Social Media Top 10 | Corporate Marketing | delivers the moment of brilliance & Intel & CA go to the head of the class

Since corporate marketing is a centerpiece of most digital strategies, you’d think that every site would be a Best Practice performer.

You’d be wrong.

As the graph above attests, corporate marketing performance ranges from the truly remarkable ( — to a handful of industry leaders (IBM, HP, Oracle, Microsoft, Adobe) – with everyone else stumbling around in the Competitive quadrant.

And what about social media? One thing stands out.’s social media wins hands down – and provides some design moments of brilliance that shouldn’t be missed.

We evaluated the corporate marketing zones on 20 leading Websites with an eye on two issues:

  • Is it easy to find social media assets on corporate marketing pages; and
  • Once you find them, are they easy to use?

And who made the top 10 cut when we took these sites for a social media spin? You might be surprised.

When all of the results are sliced and diced, only 7 corporate marketing zones offer social media links that are easy to find. Among these,, and top the list.

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