One look at the graph on the right will tell you that most companies struggle to craft a compelling services marketing story.

Turns out that social media is an equally big challenge.

We evaluated the services marketing zones on 20 leading Websites with an eye on two issues:

  • Is it easy to find social media assets in services marketing zones; and
  • Once you find them, are they easy to use?

And who made the top 10 cut when all was said and done? Eight sites earned top honors — and two slipped in under the wire.

Although most sites struggle to present their services in a coherent context, two sites stand out as social media services marketing mavens:, and and’s Enterprise Software zone deserve a couple of (reluctant) attaboys.

Not surprisingly, aces this category by replicating  its product marketing prowess built on providing social media assets in at least 3 positions on the page.

It is also most adept at sponsoring and connecting visitors to services-specific social media venues (see screenshot below).

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