Most companies have either aced the product marketing catgory or are right in line with competitors. Usability typically ranges at or above the Good Practice mark.One look at the graph on the right will tell you that most companies have their product marketing well in hand.

But some of these leaders would do well to delay their victory lap. Turns out that integrating social media behaviors into their product marketing zones is a horse of a different color.

We evaluated the product marketing zones on 20 leading Websites with an eye on two issues:

  • Is it easy to find social media assets on product marketing pages; and
  • Once you find them, are they easy to use?

And who made the top 10 cut when all of the results were sliced and diced? Can you say software companies?

When the rubber meets the road, most companies will admit that one of their big social media goals is to promote their products.

When this is the issue, software sites stand out as social media powerhouses – and gets top usability honors.

As important, Top 10 product marketing sites, such as,, and, don’t make the social media maven list — and and are two sites notable for having almost no social media presence on their product marketing pages.

Here’s how the best of the best stack up — and why.

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