Usability Report | 116 usability questions you should ask your site (and why)

There’s nothing worse than having all of the answers when you can’t figure out the questions.

That’s why we created this handy reference that explains what we look for during our usability evaluations.

This handy dandy field guide gives you the inside scoop on all of the usability questions we ask and issues we consider when awarding scores during our in-depth usability evaluations.

The 116 questions we ask.

The behaviors and industry conventions we consider.

What best-in-class sites do — and why it matters.

Think of it as a resource to share with team members who are pouring over your Website’s siteIQ evaluation results or eBusiness Index rankings. A way to educate your stakeholders about the issues that matter — and why. It’s also a great resource to take into meetings when participants want to drill down into results, test assumptions — or play stump the stars (that’s you).

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Category: Field Guide: Usability Issues & Definitions

Class: Best Practice Behaviors & Objectives

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