Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the best Website of all?

To find out, we evaluated the 23 sites on the siteIQ eBusiness Index using our Website Best Practices Benchmark.

Once we finished, we tallied up the scores, ranked and rated each Website — and identified new trends, and requirements.

Here are the leaders, laggers — and fast movers in the Search category.

Search | Drum Roll, Please!

Four of the top 5 Websites in the Search Features & Functionality category represent every major type of search engine technique.

Cisco.com and CA.com provide robust and highly-usable site-wide search engines that connect visitors to the information they need.

Dell.com deploys a stellar “search-to-buy” search structure that allows visitors to precisely pinpoint the product they want.

IBM.com’s site-wide search and potpourri of zone-specific search engines (i.e. case studies, events, recruiting, training) is a classic example of a distributed search strategy that relatively few sites deploy.

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