Mirror, mirror on the wall, which site has the best navigation of all?

To find out, we evaluated the 23 sites on the siteIQ eBusiness Index using our Website Best Practices Benchmark.

Once we finished, we tallied up the scores, ranked and rated each Website — and identified new trends, and requirements.

Here are the leaders, laggers — and fast movers in the Navigation & Architecture category.

Navigation & Architecture | Drum Roll, Please!

2011’s top 5 winners in the navigation and architecture category impart three major lessons.

First. Great Website architectures and navigation schemas come in two sizes—small (Juniper.net and Brocade.com) and large (Cisco.com, IBM.com, and Oracle.com).

Second. Major redesigns don’t necessarily affect navigation usability (see usability and effectiveness trends below).

Third. Teams operating networking systems sites know how to streamline a click stream like nobody’s business.

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