Although went off the airwaves more than three years ago, there’s still plenty of lessons to be learned from this award-winning Website.

Publishing product prices is one of them.

Most companies shy away from providing detailed product prices on their Websites for several reasons.

Some don’t want the hassle associated with constantly updating their sites when prices change.

Others believe that publishing prices is the road to ruin. Without the ability to demonstrate value, a high price is likely to eliminate the company from a buyer’s long list.

And then there’s the hardy bunch that are using price as a gambit to prove the Website’s value. In the absence of pricing, a prospect’s only option is to contact the company which, in turn, adds another name to the company’s Website-related sales pipeline. And everybody knows that a fat pipeline (accurate or not) is a great way to prove a site’s value.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of major problems with this approach.

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