For years faced its own Kobayashi Maru — how to make it easy for customers to find support for its mammoth portfolio of products and services.

To the amazement of pundits, customers, and casual users alike,’s support site aced the test in 2010 – and achieved an online support ideal.

But the support team isn’t resting on its laurels. Welcome to the new and improved IBM Support Portal.

Contrary to conventional wisdom that is the perpetual king of the support hill, has actually bumped it out of that top slot for the past two years.

How? Both sites have plenty of support features & capabilities — but the support portal is easier to use.

Recently, IBM make some nips and tucks to its best in class portal that will make sure it holds onto the support portal crown. Here’s a quick tour.

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More features: Quick (2 minute) video tour of the Support site’s product selection process

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