Now that we’ve finished analyzing Tech sector results it’s time to turn our attention to some of the new industries we’ve added as part of our siteIQ Usability Index. Next on the list: segments within the Finance sector, including Commercial Banks, Diversified Financials, and Securities.   

We Did Our Homework

For each of these groups, the team conducted exhaustive research to identify industry leaders and top Fortune 500 performers to compile an initial listing of potential companies to be included on the Index. Next, our analysts performed preliminary website evaluations to find out which companies’ web properties warrant inclusion in our Usability Index study.

We Chose the Pick of the Litter

When all was said and done, we were left with 30 sites in the Finance industry that the team unanimously determined merit a spot on the Usability Index roster. This includes 15 sites within the Commercial Banks segment, ten sites in Diversified Financials, and five sites within the Securities sector. Specifically, these sites are:

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We Put the Pick Through Their Paces

List in hand, the next step was to conduct formal website evaluations. These are done using the new siteIQ Usability Benchmark, which focuses on website practicality and versatility as well as user experience and usability based on 16 different Dimensions ranging from Innovation & Interactivity to Ease of Using Resources & Features and Visitor Interaction.

We’re Expecting a Whole New Wrinkle

Currently, our evaluators are wrapping up the inaugural round of Finance industry evaluations, and we’ll soon start publishing results. Of course, it’s anyone’s guess which Finance industry sites will rise to the top — and which will fall to the bottom — of the rankings. Still, one thing is certain: Finance evaluations will provide us with a whole new perspective on website usability that we haven’t published before.

Next Up

We’ll be posting results for the Commercial Bank, Diversified Financials, and Securities sectors.

About the siteIQ Usability Index

siteIQ evaluated the thirty Financial Websites listed on the 2020 siteIQ Usability Index. These Websites are categorized into three industry-specific segments including:

  • Commercial Banks (,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • Diversified Financials (,,,,,,,,,
  • Securities (,,,,

These in-depth evaluations were conducted using the 2020 edition of the siteIQ Usability Index Best Practices Benchmark, which tracks results in 9 sub-categories and 16 Usability Dimensions.

The 2020 evaluations were performed during the first quarter of 2020.

Category: Index Rankings

Class: Website Reviews and Rankings

Websites Profiled: siteIQ Usability Index Websites – Finance Industry

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