For more than a decade, siteIQ has sponsored the siteIQ eBusiness Index, an ongoing study that benchmarks the performance of leading websites across the IT industry. Each year, our analysts audit and evaluate 20 or more prominent sites on the IT web to assess how well they market and sell their products and provide pre- and post-purchase support for their varied audiences. The overall results of these evaluations are posted to our website,, and detailed Website Content, Usability, and Performance results are available to our siteIQ Library subscribers.

As announced earlier this year, however, the siteIQ eBusiness Index will be converted to the siteIQ Usability Index beginning with our 2020 evaluations. Consequently, our 2019 audits mark the end of an era — and will be the last time Website Content and Website Performance are assessed.

This summary announces the Communities rankings and ratings based on Website Performance, Total Website Content, and Overall Usability scores awarded during our final 2019 eBusiness Index evaluations.

Overall Findings

At first blush, it appears as though the results of our 2019 Online Communities evaluations are the same as they were in 2018. claims leadership based on Website Content and Performance scores, and is the winner based on Website Usability. Even the sites ranking 2nd based on Website Content ( and Website Usability ( scores remain unchanged.

A closer look at the data reveals, however, that there are quite a few differences between our 2018 and 2019 results. A comparison of year-to-year rankings by website shows that makes some significant advances up the Website Content, Usability, and Performance rosters thanks to an obvious Communities link in the site’s footer that allowed siteIQ analysts to unearth previously hidden resources.

Additionally, a review of competitive performance by website reveals that three Index newcomers —,, and — debut in the Top 10 in all major segments, which pushes several veteran sites backward. What’s more, freshman sites and land in the middle of each scoring roster creating further havoc for Index stalwarts.

In fact, every veteran site — except those in leadership positions — displays a year-to-year trend that indicates downward movement based on Website Usability and Website Performance scores. And, in the case of Website Content, only joins the leading sites in holding a static position. This means that — at most — three sites hold the same ranking they did after our 2018 evaluations.

So, while our 2019 Online Communities results may ostensibly seem to be consistent with our 2018 findings, a deep dive behind the numbers makes it abundantly clear that they bear little resemblance to those posted last year.

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About the siteIQ Usability Index

siteIQ evaluated the twenty-five Tech Websites listed on the 2020 siteIQ Usability Index. These Websites are categorized into five industry-specific segments including:

  • Software (,,,,,,
  • Systems (,,, Huawei Enterprise,,,
  • Networking (,,,
  • Cloud (, Google Cloud,,
  • Consumer (,,,,,

These in-depth evaluations were conducted using the 2020 edition of the siteIQ Usability Index Best Practices Benchmark, which tracks results in 18 sub-categories and 16 Usability Dimensions.

The 2020 evaluations were performed during the first quarter of 2020.

Category: Index Rankings

Class: Website Reviews and Rankings

Websites Profiled: siteIQ Usability Index Websites – Tech Industry

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