For more than a decade, siteIQ has sponsored the siteIQ eBusiness Index, an ongoing study that benchmarks the performance of leading websites across the IT industry. Each year our analysts audit and evaluate 20 or more prominent sites on the IT web to assess how well they market and sell their products and provide pre- and post-purchase support for their varied audiences. The overall results of these evaluations are posted to our website,, and detailed Website Content, Usability, and Performance results are available to our siteIQ Library subscribers.

As announced earlier this year, however, the siteIQ eBusiness Index will be converted to the siteIQ Usability Index beginning with our 2020 evaluations. Consequently, our 2019 audits mark the end of an era — and will be the last time Website Content and Website Performance are assessed.

This summary announces the Channel Marketing rankings and ratings based on Website Performance, Total Website Content, and Overall Usability scores awarded during our final 2019 eBusiness Index evaluations.

Overall Findings

If there’s one salient point to glean from our 2019 Call to Action results, it’s that most eBusiness Index websites do a good job of providing Call to Action content and features. In fact, some do an excellent job.

This is evidenced by the fact that 11 of the 25 tracked eBusiness Index sites post Website Performance scores that qualify for Good Practice status while five more registers Best Practice scores. This means that more than half of all sites on the roster deliver the bulk of benchmarked content — and that the features provided are relatively easy for visitors to use.

This ease of use, of course, is a good thing given that one of the primary objectives of any business website is to engage visitors to encourage them to become potential buyers. Even better, a look behind the Website Performance numbers reveals that nine eBusiness Index websites deliver more than 80% of content tracked on the Best Practices benchmark, so visitors can pick and choose how they want to interact with company representatives.

On the flip side, our 2019 results show that a handful of eBusiness Index websites do a relatively poor job of providing Call to Action content and features.

Four of the Twenty-five tracked sites post Website Performance scores in the 50% range while three more register scores that barely break the 60% barrier. This means that these sites deliver the bare minimum of benchmarked content — and that the features provided can be tricky for visitors to use. Naturally, this also means that these sites would do much better if they emulated the Call to Action approaches employed by the current leaders.

Fortunately, the number of sites that register Good and Best Practice scores far outweighs the volume of those performing poorly, so visitors who want to engage are more than likely to encounter adequate Call to Action resources. Perhaps more important, however, is that web teams wanting to improve their current Call to Action features have plenty of places to look for inspiration.

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About the siteIQ eBusiness Index

siteIQ evaluated the twenty-five Websites listed on the 2019 siteIQ eBusiness Index. These Websites are categorized into five industry-specific segments including:

  • Software (,,, Microsoft Business,,,
  • Cloud (,,,
  • Systems (,,,
  • Networking (,,,
  • Consumer (,,,,,

These in-depth evaluations were conducted using the 2019 edition of the siteIQ eBusiness Index Best Practices Benchmark, which includes 18 distinct categories. Within each category, sites are scored based on three unique criteria:

  1. Website Content: The content, resources, assets, and collateral provided on any given Website. The siteIQ Best Practices Benchmark currently identifies & tracks over 1,000 types of Website content and features that represent typical competitive requirements. Within each category siteIQ analysts track the number — as well as quality — of features provided.
  2. Website Usability: The overall practicality, versatility, usefulness, and convenience of any given Website. The siteIQ Best Practices Benchmark currently includes 145 metrics that measure usability from the visitor’s perspective. Within each category siteIQ analysts score usability questions based on a strict set of standards to award between 1—100 points per question.
  3. Overall Performance: The aggregate suitability of any given Website that factors Website Content and Website Usability scores.

The 2019 evaluations were performed during the first quarter of 2019.

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Class: Website Reviews and Rankings

Websites Profiled: siteIQ eBusiness Index Websites

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