The Enterprise Software segment contains some of the most forward-thinking sites on the siteIQ eBusiness Index. From’s blending of marketing content with community resources to’s customer-centric support messaging. Then there’s IBM Software’s intuitive training area and’s game-changing OPN site. Each is changing the rules about what a website can and should be.

These are also some of the largest sites on the Index. In fact, half of the sites evaluated in this segment provide enough content and resources to garner Good Practice ratings, which is no small feat. But having a cornucopia of content doesn’t guarantee site usability.

This begs the question, with such an impressive slate of Enterprise Software sites to choose from, where should you focus your attention? If you are searching for some fresh ideas to take your site to the next level, then you’re in the right place.


In the Marketing Resources category takes the win. But and bring in strong performances that bear mentioning.

  • Product Marketing: achieves a Best Practice performance in the Product Marketing category. The site’s clean product pages and innovative role-based marketing approach serves a staggering amount of content in easy to digest packages. But isn’t the only site that gets accolades. and bring in Good Practice performances for their wealth of content, which make them sites worth putting on your watch list.
  • Services Marketing: When it comes to marketing services, no one does it like The site’s advertising-class video on the SAP Digital Business Services page is a must see. It also delivers a robust set of information throughout its blissfully short clickstreams, including case studies, solution briefs, links to relevant communities, and the latest news and blogs from its services experts. While is the clear Services Marketing leader, and also present a staggering amount of information that garners them Best Practice ratings. These strong performances make them worth checking out.
  • Industry Marketing: takes industry marketing seriously – very seriously. Not only does it present the most impressive array of industries, but each segment delivers a variety of content and resources. The selections range from proof point information (e.g., case studies and data points) to videos to thought leadership content (e.g., blogs, reports, white papers) – even a system that allows visitors to narrow down industry solutions.


Once upon a time, purchasing options on enterprise software sites were limited to a “Contact Us” button and not much else. Online chat was science fiction and ecommerce a pipe dream.

My how the times have changed.

Today, almost all the enterprise software sites present multiple ways to contact a salesperson and ecommerce is a common commodity. In fact, competition for the perfect online purchasing experience is fierce.

In this world, is the one to beat. Not only does it deliver an exceptional ecommerce experience, but it provides every call to action possible, including the option to have Oracle call you.

The only site that comes close to’s stellar performance is It matches in the number of ecommerce features provided, but’s overall usability scores leave room for improvement.

Post Purchase Features

When it comes to supporting existing customers, there are a lot of Good Practice performances to go around. wins the Post Purchase Features category due to the vast amount of support resources it provides. Meanwhile, IBM Software emerges as the Best Practice performer thanks to its robust library of training information. But bests them both in Usability across the board.

What stands out most about and’s support areas are their customer-centric messaging. Both sites provide videos for new users that walk them through the steps to get the ultimate use out of their support resources.’s training zone usability win can be tied to its exceptional training program marketing and intuitive course catalog that uses a shopping cart approach.


It shouldn’t come as any surprise that is the leader in the Community category. Links to the site’s vast library of community content is integrated into almost every page of the site.’s community sites are impressive too. Each home page highlights featured content and the latest blogs and posts. also invites registered visitors to actively participate in the communities by writing their own blog posts, submitting ideas, and joining discussions.

Next Steps

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About the siteIQ eBusiness Index

siteIQ evaluated the twenty-five Websites listed on the 2018 siteIQ eBusiness Index. These Websites are categorized into eight industry-specific segments including:

  • Business Software (,,,
  • Cloud (,
  • Enterprise Software (, IBM Software,,
  • Enterprise Systems (,,
  • Network Systems (,,,
  • Professional Services (,,, IBM Global Services)
  • Consumer Systems (,
  • Enterprise Storage (,

These in-depth evaluations were conducted using the 2018 edition of the siteIQ eBusiness Index Best Practices Benchmark, which includes 18 distinct categories. Within each category, sites are scored based on three unique criteria:

  1. Website Features: The content, resources, assets, and collateral provided on any given Website. The siteIQ Best Practices Benchmark currently identifies & tracks over 1,000 types of Website features that represent typical competitive requirements. Within each category siteIQ analysts track the number — as well as quality — of features provided.
  2. Website Usability: The overall practicality, versatility, usefulness, and convenience of any given Website. The siteIQ Best Practices Benchmark currently includes 145 metrics that measure usability from the visitor’s perspective. Within each category siteIQ analysts score usability questions based on a strict set of standards to award between 1—100 points per question.
  3. Overall Performance: The aggregate suitability of any given Website that factors Website Features and Website Usability scores.

The 2018 evaluations were performed during the first quarter of 2018.

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