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At first blush, it doesn’t appear as though there are many surprises in the latest siteIQ eBusiness Index Channel Marketing Competitive Performance rankings. Three of the five top ranking sites (including first place finisher hold steady in the same positions they held during our 2015 eBusiness Index evaluation cycle and, as is typically the case in this category, leading sites perform at — or above — a Good Practice level.

First Impressions Can Be Misleading

But a closer look at these results reveals that there’s plenty of upsets in the rankings since our last siteIQ eBusiness Index evaluation cycle. Most notably climbs six spots (up from 8th) to claim the coveted second place position, which shoves down (from 2nd) into 3rd place.

Meanwhile, IBM Software (down from 3rd to 6th), (up from 11th to 8th), and (down from 7th to 10th) all shift up or down in the Channel Marketing Competitive Performance rankings by three spots each.

What’s more, the trend continues beyond the top 10. Case in point, (up from 13th to 11th), (down from 10th to 12th), and (Down from 12th to 14th) each shift two spaces in either direction on the roster.

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About the siteIQ eBusiness Index

siteIQ evaluated the twenty-five Websites listed on the 2017 siteIQ eBusiness Index. These Websites are categorized into eight industry-specific segments including:

  • Business Software (,,,
  • Cloud (,
  • Enterprise Software (, IBM Software,,
  • Enterprise Systems (,,
  • Network Systems (,,,
  • Professional Services (,,, IBM Global Services)
  • Consumer Systems (,
  • Enterprise Storage (,

These in-depth evaluations were conducted using the 2017 edition of the siteIQ eBusiness Index Best Practices Benchmark, which includes 18 distinct categories. Within each category, sites are scored based on three unique criteria:

  1. Website Features: The content, resources, assets, and collateral provided on any given Website. The siteIQ Best Practices Benchmark currently identifies & tracks over 1,500 types of Website features that represent typical competitive requirements. Within each category siteIQ analysts track the number — as well as quality — of features provided.
  2. Website Usability: The overall practicality, versatility, usefulness, and convenience of any given Website. The siteIQ Best Practices Benchmark currently includes 146 metrics that measure usability from the visitor’s perspective. Within each category siteIQ analysts score usability questions based on a strict set of standards to award between 1—100 points per question.
  3. Overall Performance: The aggregate suitability of any given Website that factors Website Features and Website Usability scores.

The 2017 evaluations were performed during the fourth quarter of 2016.

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