2017 Website Launch | Juniper.net: One step forward, three steps back.

Juniper.net is a site that has always danced to its own tune.

While the masses were moving towards vibrant colors, and short-form content, Juniper.net sported a monochromatic color palette and long-form prose. When other sites were implementing spinning carousels and breathing grids, Juniper.net was a study in balance that deftly employed interactive features. In a world full of circuses Juniper.net was an immobile oasis of calm.

Well, Juniper.net has run off and joined the circus.


Today, the site’s home page and product zones are sporting a new animated, grid-based design that is all the rage on tech sites.

Despite deep-sixing the design that made Juniper.net unique, this redesign benefits the site by making it appear more contemporary. As an added perk, Juniper.net’s new design aligns to the way visitors find information and navigate through sites these days.

Without question, the latest changes at Juniper.net are a step forward (or at least sideways) in design. Unfortunately, they also have an adverse effect: the site’s usability gets knocked back a few steps.

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Websites Profiled: Juniper.net, HPE.com, Amazon Web Services

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