Are executives cornering you in the hallways to talk about Cloud? You’re not alone.

There isn’t a Website team that isn’t consumed by marketing Cloud solutions these days. Whether they are starting from scratch or making improvements, the questions remain the same:

What is the best way to market our Cloud solutions?

How do we begin the conversation?

Who does it best? is the most popular muse. Enterprise Website teams scour its pages searching for the secret to successful Cloud marketing. But they all come up with bupkiss. Why? provides only one piece of the Cloud marketing puzzle. Since Salesforce is already known as a Cloud company, it doesn’t need to announce and explain its presence in the Cloud market. It has only one task — market products.

Enterprise-class software companies face a different — more complex — set of Cloud marketing challenges.

Since these companies have always delivered their products in a box or deployed them on-premise, they need to do more than market their cloud-enabled products. On the landing page they must announce their presence in the Cloud market, define their strategy, and start a conversation. Then, and only then, can they present their products.

That requires a good, ole fashioned solutions-class marketing, which is more complicated than product marketing.

To find out which sites deliver best-in-class Cloud solutions marketing the siteIQ team looked at the Cloud landing pages of five leading enterprise software sites:,,,, and After these five sites had been sliced, diced, and compared, two things became clear:

  1. Cloud content marketing strategies aren’t like snowflakes. They follow a simple 4 step formula.
  2. 3 sites define a Cloud Marketing Best Practice. Each with a unique spin.

So, what does Best Practice Cloud marketing look like? Why does it work? Most important, how do these pros do it? We’re glad you asked…

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