World-class services marketing requires the Website to start the dialog with the customer’s problem or issue and present services as a solution to the problem. Smart organizations extend this marketing architecture by providing a wealth of content that illustrates the organization’s credentials and forward- thinking expertise.

To assess how effectively a Website markets services, the siteIQ evaluation team identifies and measures 53 types of services marketing content, features and capabilities. (Note: Professional services Websites (business consulting) are measured against 40 features & capabilities that represent business consulting consulting-related navigation requirements.)

Usability reviews focus on how easy it is to find services marketing content; content quality and clarity; and how effectively the site encourages prospects to engage with the company’s salespeople and/or find a reseller or partner. This case study announces 2015’s leaders, laggers — and fast movers in the Services Marketing category.

 Services Marketing | Drum Roll Please! wins the Services Marketing category with the sole Good Practice rating. But with a ranking trend in the static position, and and on the march,’s future is far from certain.

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About the siteIQ eBusiness Index

siteIQ evaluated the twenty-three Websites listed on the 2015 siteIQ eBusiness Index. These Websites are categorized into six industry-specific segments including:

  • Business Software (,,,
  • Cloud (,,
  • Enterprise Software (, IBM Software,,
  • Enterprise Systems (,,,
  • Network Systems (,,
  • Professional Services (,, IBM Global Services)

These in-depth evaluations were conducted using the 2015 edition of the siteIQ eBusiness Index Best Practices Benchmark.

This benchmark identifies and tracks over 1,500 types of content, features, capabilities, navigation, and design elements that represent current requirements for typical IT industry Websites. These requirements are organized into 18 categories that correspond to different areas of a Website and site-wide utilities.

During these evaluations, siteIQ analysts also score each site based on 140 metrics that measure usability & effectiveness from the visitor’s point of view. These metrics align to the 18 categories mentioned above.

The 2015 evaluations were performed during the fourth quarter of 2015 and released in 2016

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